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Nicolle Wallace Literally Laughs Out Loud At Trump‘s Latest Genius Claim

Nicolle Wallace Literally Laughs Out Loud At Trump‘s Latest Genius Claim

MSNBC’s laughed on Wednesday after noting that President appears to be stealing old act… except what once was parody, is now reality.  Trump this week bragged to the Washington Post about his “gut” being smarter than anyone’s brain.  “ can ever tell me,” the president said. Wallace played a clip of Colbert ― in his “Colbert Report” character, which was […]

Fiducian Group Limited (ASX:FID)’s Adjusted Slope Touches -4.50329

Fiducian Group Limited (ASX:FID) shares currently have a 125/250 day adjusted slope average of -4.50329.  The Adjusted Slope 125/250d indicator is equal to the average annualized exponential regression slope, over the past 125 and 250 trading days, multiplied by the coefficient of determination (R2). This indicator is useful in helping find shares that have been on a consistent upward direction over the past six months to […]

Everbridge, Inc. (NasdaqGM:EVBG), The Berkeley Group Holdings plc (LSE:BKG) Value Composite Rank in The Spotlight

Everbridge, Inc. (NasdaqGM:EVBG) has a Value Composite score of 84. Developed by James O’Shaughnessy, the VC score uses six valuation ratios. These ratios are price to earnings, price to cash flow, EBITDA to EV, price to book value, price to sales and shareholder yield.  The VC score is displayed as a number between 1 and 100. In general, a company with […]

Market Focus: Digging Into Shares of Barrick Gold Corporation (NASDAQ:GOLD) as they hit $12.95

As we move further into the year, individual investors may be reviewing the stock portfolio. Many investors will be trying to figure out if certain stocks will be able to muster up some momentum moving forward. To get a sense of where a stock might be going, investors often study historical information and where the stock has been. Over the […]

Methven Limited (NZSE:MVN) Has Adjusted Slope Reading of 82.23940

When looking to find solid stocks with smooth upward momentum, investors can take a look at the 125/250 day adjusted slope indicator.  At the time of writing Methven Limited (NZSE:MVN) have a current value of 82.23940.  The point of this calculation is to calculate a longer term average adjusted slope value that smooths out large stock price movements by using the average of the timeframe. This indicator […]

The 0.412022 Return on Capital For Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (JEC) is Getting Attention

Taking a look into the returns for Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (JEC), we see the stock has a current MF Rank of 1503. Developed by hedge fund manager Joel Greenblatt, the intention of the formula is to spot high quality companies that are trading at an attractive price. The formula uses ROIC and earnings yield ratios to find quality, undervalued […]

Parents Of School Shooting Victims Take Center Stage On Time‘s Poignant New Cover

Parents Of School Shooting Victims Take Center Stage On Time‘s Poignant New Cover

The parents of children murdered in America’s ongoing wave of school shootings are featured on upcoming cover. Four mothers and three fathers of seven innocent youngsters who were gunned down while at school posed for the poignant photograph that appears on the front of the publication’s Dec. 10 issue. CNN’s Brian Stelter shared the powerful image online Wednesday: New cover […]