How to choose an outdoor gas griddle?

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All the best restaurants in the world cook meat on gas grills. First of all, these devices are ready for operation in five minutes after switching on. Secondly, they are equipped with three or more burners, so they have at least three temperature zones. In a hot place you can make fish or meat, in a low-temperature area you can keep the pieces ready so they don’t get cold and the middle zone is perfect for vegetables. Finally, gas grills are very easy to clean. So why not buy yourself one of these?

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The questions that you should ask yourself before buying a gas grill

Which hot surface do I need, smooth or fluted?

The first option is better for seafood, fish, poultry and lean meat. A thin film of fat emerges from the bottom of the smooth grill after a few minutes of cooking. It protects the food from burning and keeps it juicy and fresh. At the same time, large pieces of fat are easier to grill on a corrugated grill. Excess fat comes out of them, and the signature line drawing appears on the outside. You get beautiful baked steaks.

If you are interested in both options, you can find devices with two surfaces on the market. True, and they are more expensive.

What will I cook on?

According to website, some gas grills can only run on liquefied petroleum gas, and some only support methane. At the same time, there are models that cook on any raw material. You have to understand in advance which of the options is the most attractive in your conditions – and make sure that the selected grill supports it.

What is more important for me – price or reliability?

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Grill grids can be steel or cast iron. The former are easier to maintain and more durable, but the latter are quite economical. They cost less money and are able to keep warm longer.

What additional functions do I need?

In order to make it more comfortable and safer to use, some grills have protection and auto ignition functions. If the burner goes out, the gas supply to it will stop automatically so you don’t have to worry about safety. Well, auto ignition makes our lives a little more comfortable. You should get a model with it in case you’re going to use the grill more often than once a week.

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Which is the first thing we look at when we choose

When purchasing a gas grill, please note the warranty period from the manufacturer. This can save you money: you don’t have to buy parts that should never actually have broken down. The warranty period for quality products is five to ten years, and some companies even offer lifetime repair or replacement of their devices. Practice shows that here the overpayment “for the brand” almost always justifies itself.

Pay attention to the burner. It should be proportional to the size of the device. Some manufacturers are trying to attract customers by creating a large, impressive metal casing. It seems as if an elephant can be baked in it if necessary. However, there are times when a burner is placed there, one or even a small burner. And that means that your grill will be full of cold spots, which in fact will only harm the dish. Remember: the size of the grill is not important for proper and tasty cooking. The number and power of the burners is not a panacea either. What’s important here is that the heat is distributed evenly inside the cabinet. A fire distributor will help you to do this. And a large grill is only needed when you have many guests on holiday.

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Another important point is the design and location of the flame arresters in the grill. These are large metal plates that prevent extra juices, fat and salt from getting into the burner and spoiling the fire. The formation of different “dirt” in the burner is one of the main, most common causes of malfunctions of the grill. Want to buy a reliable device? Then make sure that the flame arrestors cover the entire burner from the top and are not on the side, as in some models. Also make sure there are no rust marks on these “fire tamers”.

If you are going to grill professionally, be sure to make sure that this model has sides and a fat collecting tray. Okay, if it has a drain cock as well. This will make it much easier to use and also save you time on washing and cleaning.

The design of the gas grills is mostly very robust. There are almost never any problems with it. High quality devices are distinguished by polished welded seams and AISI 304 stainless steel hoods. However, if you live close to the coast or if you just have a very important climate and you want to work outside – even such protection will not save you. It will only delay the inevitable, making the rust start three or four years later. That’s where a good guarantee comes in handy. In general, in high humidity conditions, copper and aluminium devices are the best.

About materials

If you are worried about the appearance of your grill, make sure that the lid has double walls when purchasing a stainless steel unit. The outer layer of the cover will not change its colour for sure.

It is important to know what the grill grids are made of. It can be porcelain enameled steel or cast iron. Many retailers say that you need to clean these grilles while they are still hot. But the reality is that porcelain at times like this is particularly fragile, it can crack! Left uncoated, the iron will quickly rust – and if you took your grill with a one-year warranty, you can forget about replacement or free repairs. It is clear that manufacturers need to somehow increase sales volumes, but try to make sure that they did not do it at your expense.

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It is desirable that the burners in the grill were made of stainless steel and can be adjusted independently of each other. The best material for their lids is steel with a porcelain coating. The control knobs on most appliances are made of plastic, there is nothing you can do about it, but at least make sure that they are smoothly adjustable and not just set in three positions – for “high”, “medium” and “low” temperatures. You’ll have plenty of situations where you want to reduce the fire just a little. You will not be able to do this with three-position switches.

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If you are serious about choosing a gas grill photo selection in this article is not enough and you need to spend some more time studying the catalog or just call us and we will be happy to help you in this difficult matter.