Apology to the Honourable Sir Toke Talagi, Premier of the Government of Niue

On November 27, 2018 RNZ broadcast and published a story that New Zealand‘s Government was investigating allegations in relation to the shareholdings of the Premier of the Government of Niue, the Honourable Sir Toke Talagi, in his country‘s state-owned enterprises.

There were further serious allegations of illegality and unlawfulness on the part of the Premier made by an MP of the Niue Assembly.

Since the article‘s publication RNZ has learnt that New Zealand‘s Government is not carrying out an investigation into Sir Toke‘s shareholdings in Niue‘s state-owned enterprises.

Furthermore, the MP‘s allegations of illegality and unlawfulness have been found to be baseless.

In particular, the Premier has confirmed, and RNZ accepts, that:

* The Premier, and the other shareholding Ministers all entered into declarations of trust for all their shareholdings in Niue‘s state-owned enterprises at the time they acquired those shareholdings, expressly declaring that they were held on trust for the Government of Niue.

* The delays in completion of the audits of the SOEs were not because of the Premier being the shareholder in those SOEs.

RNZ regrets these serious errors and offers a sincere and unreserved apology to Sir Toke and his family.

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