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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Riding the Lightening: Where is it Headed Now?

Traders may be using technical analysis to help spot ideal entry and exit points. One idea behind technical analysis is that historical price movement trends have the ability to repeat themselves. Technical analysis involves the use of chart patterns to examine market movements and to help define trends. Trends in the stock market are not always easy to spot. Many […]

Mexco Energy Corporation (AMEX:MXC) Target Weight of 0.01870 According to Quant

A recent look at ownership and volatility brings us to a 0.01870 target portfolio weight (as a decimal) for Mexco Energy Corporation (AMEX:MXC) Target weight is the volatility adjusted recommended stock position size for a position in your portfolio.  The maximum target weight is 7% for any given stock.  The indicator is based off of the 100 day volatility reading and calculates a […]

Centurylink (CTL): What Are the Signals Showing?

Active investors might be watching some signal indicators on shares of Centurylink (CTL). Recently, we have noted that the 100-day moving average verse price signal as Sell. This is the signal from the 100-day MA which is used to monitor changes in share price. The 100-day MA verse price direction is currently displaying Weakest. Another longer-term signal we have been […]

Hecla Mining Company (HL): Share Price Limps -10.78% For The Month

Hecla Mining Company (HL) shares are currently appearing on the list of stocks that have dropped over the last month. In the past 4-weeks, shares have been lower -10.78%. Going back 6 months, shares have changed -15.19%. Over the last 52-weeks, shares have moved -37.66%. Focusing on more recent action, shares have moved 0.84% over the past week. Many investors […]

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (WSE:PGE) Ratio & Valuation Rundown

The Price to Book ratio for PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. WSE:PGE is 0.412950.  The Price to book ratio is the current share price of a company divided by the book value per share.  A lower price to book ratio indicates that the stock might be undervalued.  Similarly, Price to cash flow ratio is another helpful ratio in determining a […]

Comcast Corporation (NasdaqGS:CMCS.A), Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT): Are These Stocks Undervalued?

The ERP5 Rank is an investment tool that analysts use to discover undervalued companies.  The ERP5 looks at the Price to Book ratio, Earnings Yield, ROIC and 5 year average ROIC.  The ERP5 of Comcast Corporation (NasdaqGS:CMCS.A) is 3807.  The lower the ERP5 rank, the more undervalued a company is thought to be. Investors paying close attention to the daily […]

Taking Aim at Shares of Chaparral Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CHAP)

Chaparral Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CHAP) has a Price to Book ratio of 0.295082. This ratio has been calculated by dividing the current share price by the book value per share. Investors may use Price to Book to display how the market portrays the value of a stock. Checking in on some other ratios, the company has a Price to Cash Flow ratio of […]